Our Daughter’s First Apartment is a Success

We were buying some furniture for our daughter’s first apartment. She had made a list of all the things she wanted from the NovaSolo furniture online store. She said that she was going to see what she could budget for now, and then she was going to buy the rest as she earned her paychecks. She said she was not going to use any credit for furniture. She had been saving for the move since high school. Our little girl was a planner, and now she was in her first job after graduating college and moving closer to her work.

We decided to buy her everything on her list and have it shipped to her apartment. They have a parcel receiving service at the apartment complex, so it would all be safe and waiting for her when we helped her move things form her room here. However, we worked with the apartment manager to hire a couple of workers to put everything in place and do any assembly before we got there. We had both seen the apartment with her a few weeks ago when she leased it. We were going to help her clean it from top to bottom even though it was already clean, but we hired a cleaning service to do the job before the furniture arrived.

When we all got there, she was shocked to see all of the stuff she wanted in place and ready to go. The apartment manager used the camera on his phone to help me coordinate placement of everything. It was worth the money. We even had her refrigerator and cupboards stocked with all of her favorite things. She told us she was dreading all the work involved with moving in, especially since she had such a full plate at work. Now her commute is cut down to about five minutes from almost two hours, and she has a really nice apartment.

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