My Luck Really Changed in Unexpected Ways

Years ago, I was on a work trip and I drove through Nevada. I really loved the area. The colors of the desert fascinated me. On my way back through the state after my work trip, I decided to stop in one of the towns that appealed to me most. That town was Henderson, and I spent the whole weekend there. I left thinking that I might like to move there one day permanently. Just two years later, I got my chance to accept a job there and look through apartments in Henderson to find my new home. Just six months later I began dating a woman and we married within the year. I had no idea that my new city would be my good luck charm!

I worked hard at the company that I worked for prior to moving here. I did all that I could to move up the ladder in what is considered to be a small company. But many of the people who are in upper management had no intention of leaving, so I was stuck and could not continue up the ladder. When searching through a job site one day, I found a job that sounded perfect for me, and I applied. That is how I was able to move to my dream city. I could not believe my luck because I thought I would be stuck where I was for a long time. I told them that I would begin working right away because I was that eager to move.

When I found a new place, I was pleased that it is located near the base of some mountains. The view is beautiful. I was out one night enjoying that same view and looking up at the stars when I met my future wife. We have been together ever since then, and we are both very happy to stay here for good.