Living Close to My College

I was really excited to be accepted at Liberty University. I have a specific calling on my life, and I knew that my education there would help me achieve it. I have a small trust fund that was set up for me by my grandparents, and it is to be used for education. I was able to secure full scholarships, but I still had to pay for my living expenses. I looked at apartments in Forest Virginia once I found out that the trust could be used for that too.

I was really happy that I would be able to just focus on my studies rather than dividing my time between studying and working to support myself during these next few years. I wanted to live close to the university too, but I did not want to be right there on campus. I thought an apartment that is just a few miles away would be perfect for me. That is how I found the apartment that I am now living in. I think the community perks here are really nice, but it was mostly the apartment that I am interested in since that is where I will spend the majority of my time when I am not at Liberty University.

I did not want anything huge. A small one bedroom unit was perfectly fine for me. I was able to find the perfect apartment that fit all of my requirements. Even after my monthly bills are paid, I will have a small amount left over for spending money, which is an unexpected blessing. Another blessing is that there are several other Liberty U students living here, and I have started to develop some friendships that I know are going to be long lasting. I am so excited for this next phase of my life!