Helping My Mother Reconnect in the Dating Scene

My father passed away three years ago and my mother is just now getting out and trying to meet people. It might sound surprising that I looked online for sex toys for a parent, but let me explain what I actually did as it’s not as weird as it sounds. So she met some guys her age and went on a few dates, but she’s self-conscious about her age and her body. This is ludicrous as my mother was a model in her twenties and she’s aged very well. She gets a lot of attention from men her age because she looks so good.

I looked online for sex toys because I thought they’d have some outfits that Mom might like. Sure enough I found a site that sells both the toys and the lingerie. I wasn’t about to be so forward as to buy my own mother something really risque, but I did find some elegant outfits that I thought she might like and that might make her feel better about her figure and the impression she might make on potential dates. I know her sizes so I made the order and got the package a few days later.

Fast forward to the conversation with mother and she laughed a lot about the purchase. Of course I didn’t see her wearing the items, but she did tell me she thought they were great and would likely make a big impression on the man she chose to spend time with. Did it work? I think so because she’s found a steady date who she has been seeing for a lot longer than anyone else. I’m sure he’s seen the outfit and likely enjoyed her in them. Some may think it strange I did this for my mother, but I don’t care because I think it worked.