Found a Short Term Job

I just got started at my new job, although it is hardly what I was looking for. Obviously I have to pay bills, especially the part where the landlord comes and asks for the rent. I could not afford to wait around for the perfect position to become available. I am working as a sort of handyman in this office. They are having me move around helping out where they need someone, today the job involved coming up with something called a paystub generator. Of course we do not use real checks, that is pretty much a waste of time and paper. You do not have to do anything, the money is just automatically zapped into your bank account every pay day. Of course it is a lot better than other places I have heard about. This one guy would tell me about how everyone at his office would race to the bank because they were never sure how many of the checks would be good before the boss’ bank account ran dry

At any rate we need this thing for this one guy, he had gotten drunk some time ago and ended up going to jail for doing a bunch of dumb things. He finally went before the judge and they put him on probation, but he has to prove that he is employed. So ever so often he has to go downtown and show them his paystubs. So we just had to figure this out for this one guy. Of course I probably would not be too upset if he were out of the picture. He is the guy who has the job here that I really want, the one I went to school to learn how to do. In fact I am still looking for another job.