I Only Want Cool Chocolate

I learned how to make chocolate confections from a master chef at a young age. I used the knowledge I learned from him to open my own store that sells these confections. Each day I mix chocolate put it into various molds and make all kinds of shapes. Whenever parents come to the shop with their kids, I always give out free samples and the kids love it. In the middle of making a batch of confections, the air conditioner in the store stopped working. I contacted a company for facilities HVAC management for NYC. I needed to have the shop at a constant temperature or all of my chocolate would have melted.

While the kids wouldn’t mind eating melted chocolate, the rest of the customers want to have solid chocolate confections to eat or give away as gifts. The chocolate lasts longer when it’s solid. To keep the existing confections cool and to make the newly made ones cool into a solid, I set up some fans in the store while I waited for the repair worker from the company to come and fix the air conditioner. I was tempted to close the shop for the day, but things hadn’t gotten that bad.

Once the repair worker arrived, he looked around on the inside of the air conditioner and found the culprit that was causing it not to work. He replaced a part and it was working again. The shop started to return to its normal temperature and I put the fans away. The customers kept coming in and buying chocolate as if nothing had happened. I did get a bit of an idea from the time that the air conditioner wasn’t working. Maybe I should have a chocolate fountain where people can dip items into it while they wait.